10 Last Minute Ideas For Christmas Gifts

Are you struggling to find Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones or for yourself? Be careful, you only have a few days to go! In case you need a little help, here are our picks of special gifts to enhance your life and reach your goals.


  1. Alfred Hitchcock’s Masterpiece Collection


If you wish to improve your cinema culture, this collection contains 15 of the finest works from the “Master of Suspense” and 30 years of Hollywood legends, including James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Anthony Perkins, Sean Connery and Doris Day.  For fans of Alfred Hitchcock or fans of cinema in general, this present will hit the mark!



  1. GoPro Hero 4

From $399.99

For all travelers, adventurers, all-kind-of-sports lovers, here is the best action camera to record your achievements. Do we really need to present the GoPro camera?


  1. Garmin GPS watch Forerunner 220


When you have such a beautiful GPS watch as the Garmin Forerunner 220, you’ll end up going for a run just to use your watch! For the triathletes among you, we recommend an upgrade to the new Forerunner 920XT (works for cycling and swimming).

Running-Garmin-GPS watch


  1. Luxury wine set by Paul Bocuse

Tasting is the first step towards enriching your wine culture. This wine set imagined by French chef Paul Bocuse will make winetasting a deeper experience. It includes a metal lever corkscrew with holder, a pourer, a bottle stopper and a foil cutter.

Check out Wikihow’s 10 steps on how to test a wine


  1. Resistance bands

Owning resistance bands is like having a gym everywhere with you. They come very handy when you travel. Whether you are a dancer, a swimmer, a runner or a yogi, resistance bands are perfectly suited for strengthening both the upper and the lower body.

Check out the 33 resistance band exercises you can do anywhere and see by yourself how helpful resistance bands can be!

Self development-resistance- bands-gym


  1. Shure SRH1540 headphones

From $499.00

If you want to appreciate high-quality music while commuting or isolate yourself while working, these headphones are the right gift. We love the design, and the quality of the sound is just amazing!


  1. Neuro:on smart sleep mask


The next generation technologies for sleep monitoring are here! The neuro:on is a professional sleep and rest manager that helps you feel refreshed after waking up and relaxed throughout the day. It hasn’t been released yet so we haven’t tested the final product but we ordered it a few months back on Kickstarter.

Check out our 5 reasons to start tracking your activities 

Tracking-sleep-neuroon -mask


  1. Triathlon transition bag by Blueseventy


The perfect bag for race day! Blueseventy’s transition bag features a large wetsuit compartment that separates your wet gear from dry, a large top load section for shoes, clothing, towels and more; two expandable side water bottle holders and four smaller zipped pockets for essential items. It really has been designed to make the triathletes’ lives easier – and cooler!


  1. Moleskine notebook inspired by Lego

From $18.95

If writing regularly is on your New Year’s resolutions, using proper material could make a difference: writing in itself will be so pleasant that sticking to your resolution will be a walk in the park. This beautiful Moleskine will inspire you to keep notes through the year.



10. Hickies lacing system


These ultra-cool laces called Hickies may well be the little extra motivation you needed to go for a run during the cold winter days! Good thing: you can choose from 16 different color combinations, and they are expandable to give you a comfortable fit. Good for runners and fashion lovers.




5 Essential Apps to Get Into Jogging

essential-apps-to-motivate-joggingIt can be hard to get yourself to jog when the thought of a comfortable couch and TV seems like a much easier option. As the days are getting shorter and the temperature quickly declining, so is our motivation to actually get out there and exercise.

Fortunately, there are mobile apps that can make jogging more enjoyable. Use these apps alongside goalmap and you will get into a fitness routine in no time!

Nike Training + Nike Running

Use these two apps together and you have your whole fitness routine planned out for you. In Nike Training, you can create your own four-week program complete with varying degree of exercises mixed with running sessions. Nike Training syncs with Nike Running and the two can be used independently.

By using the apps together, in just four weeks you should be completing high-intensity workouts and running three miles without having to catch your breath.

Nike-Training-app     Nike-running-app     Nike-Training-Jogging

Nike Training
Nike Running

Zombies, Run!

As the name suggests, this isn’t your ordinary running app. Zombies, Run! immerses the user in a game that happens to also involve a lot of running. You would be having too much fun trying to get away from the undead to even know that you’re actually getting fit in the process.

The app has different modes and adventures to choose from, including one where you can decide to walk instead. In addition to the fun-factor, Zombies, Run! provides useful stats and data a jogger would want to see.


Zombies, Run!


Sometimes all you need is a good playlist to really get the heart pumping. The good thing about RockMyRun is that you won’t be stalling your jog to create the perfect running playlist. Instead, you’re ready to go as the app will automatically create the perfect tracks depending on your pace.

RockMyRun tracks your movements and dynamically changes the tempo to suit your pace. The app claims that it can actually improve your workouts and can be used with  apps like RunKeeper and Nike Running.




Moves is an app that helps to track your every move, whether you’re jogging, walking, running or cycling. It’s a great way to visualize your daily movements and helps you to understand that every step counts. The app can even calculate the number of calories burned and map out your daily route.

Moves-jogging-app Moves-activity-app Moves-running-app



Sometimes you feel unmotivated and lazy simply due to the fact that you haven’t drunk enough water. Waterlogged is a simple app to ensure that you’re getting enough intake of water each day. It might sound silly at the start, but you would be surprised to know that most of us aren’t drinking enough (the standard is eight glasses per day).

Waterlogged can be synced with Fitbit and can chart out graphs and send out reminders.

Waterlogged-app-for-running Waterlogged-drink-more-water Waterlogged-app-for-jogging


Featured photo credit: jacsonquerubin

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