Dear goalmap users,

Just a quick blog post to tell you how Goalmap handles and protects your personal data.

Your data is safe with goalmap

Privacy is a hot topic, both for you and for us. We have been working on it since we launched a few weeks back, and we have taken a few steps to enhance privacy and data security:

  • We now use a SSL secured communication channel that protects the data exchange between you and our website. We know that you enter very personal data on goalmap, so we’ve made sure to protect them!
  • has been declared to the French organism National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL)
  • As you may have seen, we have added a disclaimer concerning our use of cookies. If you’re bothered with these cookies, you can always choose to remove them. Just be informed that they simply help us improve your experience, things like keeping you logged in – nothing sneaky!
  • The details of our privacy policy are here. We don’t intend to sell your data to anyone or share it with third parties.

Watch this space, we have very cool things for you coming in the next weeks ! Feel free to contact us directly at if you have any questions about goalmap.

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