The new version of Goalmap has been on the app Stores for a few hours, wow! After several months of hard work in our offices in Paris, it is time to introduce you to the backstage of this mobile app revamping.

First things first, why a personal growth app?

Why we created Goalmap and how the app can help you

With a mother who writes books about healthy food and a father who is both an engineer and a yoga teacher, with my brother Damien we have discovered personal growth in our childhood. 

And our life paths have led us to develop our own method. As a teenager, Damien had written a manual called Time Use Instructions. Self-realization, before being a job, is for us a life project.

We created the Goalmap app to share our vision of personal growth with as many people as possible, and help individuals reach their potential.

Having objectives is a way of life, a philosophy.

4 years and some 300,000 app downloads later, we are proud to keep working every day to support individuals in their self-help journey. Goalmap is more than an application: having objectives is a way of life, a philosophy.

How does the new version of Goalmap work?

Here is how this new version of Goalmap works:

Define your aspirations clearly with SMART habits

Your first steps on the application enable you to ask yourself the right questions:

  • which “vision” inspires me;
  • what person I want to become;
  • where I stand now;
  • which habits I am willing to introduce into my daily life.

These first steps are essential. Indeed, to reach your goals, you first have to define them correctly. There you’ll be able to set your long-term goal and choose your good habits.

Dozens of goals are available in all areas of well-being: Sleep, Stress Management, Productivity, Diet, Physical Exercise, etc. Sleep 8 hours a day or meditate 3 times a week: with SMART goals, you are ready to make positive changes in your life!

Stay motivated on the long run with our coaching library

Access our coaching library: 7 or 21-day programs, podcasts prepared by leading experts, inspiring stories shared by our users. New podcasts on well-being and personal growth are available on a regular basis.

Build good habits

Monitoring your progress in a fun way allows you to become aware of what you are doing and measure what remains to be done. This will motivate you to create positive habits and keep your resolutions.

You’re going to end procrastination

Throughout your journey, Goalmap supports you with motivating quotes, fun reminders and inspiring missions to help you achieve your goals. You will finally keep your good resolutions and change your habits.

And more features to stop procrastinating!

  • Recommended goals: KarateKat, your motivational partner, asks you a few questions and recommends targets based on your answers. Smart KarateKat! ;
  • Creation of customized goals: Didn’t find the objectives that you were looking for? No problem, create your own goals!
  • Action plan: To reach your goals, you have to visualize the results you hope to achieve beforehand and anticipate the obstacles you may encounter along the way. KarateKat will be with you all along this useful exercise!
  • Performance Graph: Our weekly performance graph allows you to summarize your progress each week. You will better understand your reactions and be able to adjust your actions.

Changes compared to the previous version

If you are a former user of our mobile app, you may be slightly confused when you discover the new version of the application. Don’t worry: we will explain everything that is changing and the reasons for it.

(Much) more content ?

We have created a library of tips where you can find inspiration and motivation. Our objective is to support you over the long term and help you stay motivated. Our coaching library contains 7 or 21-day programs, content designed by leading experts, practical personal development exercises, inspirational stories, and more.

All in on podcasts ?

We have decided to invest heavily in podcasts, an increasingly popular format. Indeed, nearly 40% of Internet users worldwide listen to at least one podcast per month.

Dozens of podcasts on well-being and personal development are available on the Library page. Our goal is to gradually build the best personal development coaching library.

The key to behaviour change? Habits ☑️

We have decided to make available on the app only daily or weekly habits. No more long-term goals (yealry habits or one-shot goals such as “Running a marathon”). These goals had very few users at the global level.

What matters the most when it comes to self-realization is what we do on a regular basis

We have chosen to focus our efforts on 20 life-changing habits that affect our physical or mental health. These 20 habits are the daily drivers that make a huge difference in the long run. The road to personal development is long, and only the strength of habit can get us to the goal.

For former users, this means that goals that were neither daily nor weekly will not be migrated to the new version.

No more negative goals ?

Subject to eternal internal discussions on “how to track a negative goal”, negative goals such as Quit Smoking or Limit Alcohol are no longer supported on the app. We noted that these goals were not really followed and that it was difficult to motivate oneself to achieve a negative objective. They will now have to be turned in a positive way, which will be easier to understand and more motivating!

More support and more method ?

To help you achieve your goals, we have thoroughly reworked our personal development method, relying in particular on Prochaska’s work on behaviour change and other self-help books (Mindset, by Carol Dwecq et Rethinking positive thinking, by Gabriele Oettingen). At each stage, the user is supported with more coaching and follow-up. Here is a summary of the “Goalmap” method stages:

  • vision definition, i.e. long-term goal;
  • habits recommendation;
  • targets definition;
  • reminder setting: each reminder is associated with a time of day because associating an action with a time of day can help to make it a habit;
  • results visualization;
  • inspiring and motivating content.

The Goalmap app not only helps you manage your goals, it also helps you achieve them with a genuine self-help method.

Do less but better ☝️

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci

An in-depth review of our users’ behaviors on the old version of the app motivated us to remove some features, such as the forum or integration with some third-party applications (Withings, Fitbit, Strava, etc.).

These features, which we thought were crucial and had been requested by our users, were in fact rarely used. We have chosen to do less, but better. And thus offering a simpler, yet more compact, user experience.

High-quality ergonomics ?

Beyond changes about content, it is above all the app design that has undergone a small revolution! You can have a look with our video below but we invite you to go and test it to believe us ?

We hope you will enjoy this new version of the mobile app. If you have any questions or feedback about our app, leave a comment or write us at [email protected], we will be happy to answer you.