Aren’t you tired of making good resolutions that you then break do to a lack of time or motivation? Would you like to build good habits, introduce positive changes in your life and realize your dreams? Then goalmap is made for you! Created by a French startup, Goalmap is a free mobile app which helps you set, track, and reach your personal goals in all fields of life. Are you yearning for a more balanced, healthier life? Are you keen to meditate regularly? Improve your general knowledge? Run your first marathon? Goalmap will bring you a unique methodology and the motivation you need to reach all your life goals. Take control of your life and become the person you want to be! Stop procrastinating!

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With Goalmap, all your life goals are in one place. No more procrastinating! Set, track and reach all your life goals and become the person you want to be.

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Our ambition is to help you reach your life goals!

Goalmap brings a fresh perspective to personal development and pushes personal goal setting to new levels with its innovative app.

Find the inspiration and start on new life challenges – Hundreds of goals are waiting for you on goalmap, in all areas of life: Sport, Wellness, Knowledge, Arts & Crafts, Travels, Work, Personal Finance, Social life, Spirituality.

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Set clear goals for what you want to achieve – Define your own targets and choose how often you want to do things: read 1 hour a day, exercise 3 times a week, save 300 dollars a month, or climb Kilimanjaro once and for all. goalmap is a super flexible goal-setting app!

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Build positive habits – Immediate feedback helps you create and reinforce positive behaviors. With Goalmap, you have a simple yet efficient tool to stick to your resolutions and stop procrastinating.


Know where you stand at all times – Your personal graphs tell you in real time what remains to be done. The colors show you if you are on track to reach your goals, so you can focus on what matters.

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Track your progress – By logging your activities in a simple and friendly way as you progress towards your goals, you keep a personal record of all the steps you’ve taken.

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Stay motivated – On your journey to a more fulfilling life, goalmap supports you with tips for your goals, encouraging messages and customized reminders.

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Why we are different from the other goal apps

  • Goalmap is not limited to health and fitness goals – it encompasses all fields of life in a transversal and integrated approach (career, personal finance, social life, creativity, travels, etc.).
  • It is more than a habit-building app – It supports all types of goals: good habits you want to ingrain (read 15 minutes a day) or bad habits you want to fight (watch less TV), simple goals (visit 1 new country each year) and more complex ones (have a healthy lifestyle), not only short term but also long term and one-off goals (run a marathon, write a book).
  • Our app is highly flexible – Thanks to its innovative goal setting approach, goalmap enables users to customize their goals to levels unseen before. Instead of picking up standardized objectives, you choose what you want to track, how high you want to set your targets and for how long. With goalmap, you set goals which are truly yours – this is the key to success.
  • Goalmap helps you reach your goals with quality tips every week. goalmap is more than a goal-tracker and gives you content and suggestions for your goals.

What does the future of Goalmap look like?

We are crazy enough to think we can change the world, and we are resolved to make it happen. Our aime is to become a leading player in the digital coaching space. We see a future full of opportunities to help as many individuals as possible reach their goals.

We believe that self-quantification is only meaningful if it serves the deeper purpose of self-realization. It’s not about counting what we we do, but rather doing what counts. It’s in this spirit that we work everyday on enhancing our goal-setting platform. Here are our short-term priorities:

  1. Leveraging the power of the community to help everyone reach their goals;
  2. Integrating selected wearable devices and third party APIs;
  3. Raising funds to accelerate our development.

goalmap has been invented for all the individuals who want to be the architects of their own lives and realize their full potential. Join the movement!